5th Year Reflections: Introduction

I’ve been thinking that I wanted to do some intentional processing about ministry…The next number of entries are going to focus on that theme.

Ministry Philosophy and Reflections

As I enter my fifth year in ordained ministry this spring, I feel like it might be a worthwhile exercise to put some thoughts down about my experience so far, convictions that I’ve come to throughout these few years, and hopes for the future. I woke up this morning, getting ready for work, wondering, “Have I done about all I can do with these kids/ministry…?” Almost immediately the thought came to me, like lightening from above, that perhaps, “God’s not done doing the things he needs to with me through these kids/ministry.”

In general…


The seminary training and education I received solidified some things in my life in terms of calling and desire, important theological anchors, and confidence that I was given what I needed to lead in ministry. I am realizing now that it is important to remain open at so many levels: God’s changing and shaping my leadership style, my perspective, and the timing of these experiences. God can also teach me through so many different people, whether a child in the pre-k class talking about “knowing Jesus,” or an 90 year old woman going on and on about a beautiful story about her neighbor and being cared for in an unexpected way by the worker at Ace Hardware. There is always a learning curve in anything new…although I wonder if each new time if we acquire sensitivities and perspectives…trusting the time and process…and building relationships that are based on trust, consistency, and compassion. Either way, it’s important to make space to be open. It’s hard to be open if my day is cluttered with sitting in front of the computer or TV and not allowing the quiet to find the openness in me so God can do what’s necessary with it.