Ministry Reflections: Chapter 3


It’s all a journey, and it’s about taking it one season at a time. “The main thing is to keep the main thing the main thing.” I need to trust God’s presence, God’s leading, and God’s dedication to me. I need to let that be the basis for who I am as a person and a pastor at every level in my life…in all the big things and especially the small things, whether it’s leading a mission trip or taking care of my marriage or giving a children’s sermon on Sunday mornings.

Authority and Identity

My being a pastor, and such an a-typical one, is something I’m learning to live into as me. On the one hand, I think the less I think about how I don’t fit the mold [i.e. white, male, and older] the more I can focus on who I am as a person, as a woman pastor with my own story, history, and journey. At the same time, I think I need to be aware of it in a productive way so that I can communicate effectively and not alienate or put people off. But, I like the concept of authority from Mark 1:21-28, the Greek concept of it being connected to “freedom,” and “uninhibited,” meaning that a person who has authority is one who is unencumbered, uninhibited, unhindered…i.e. just him or herself. The main thing is for me to simply be me, unapologetic, but open to affirmation and constructive help from Andy, Ahbba, Tom, other close pastor friends, my HOS, and people I trust in the church community, and then let God speak, proclaim, and use me in whatever context. I have a feeling it’ll be a continuous process to live into it…