Ministry Reflections: Chapter 4

Specifically, ministry thoughts [some from last year, too] and philosophy


1. Community and connection are essential. I need to constantly be articulating what it means to have a commitment to a church community…what this means in terms of programs, ministry, and life, in general. For me personally, regular fellowship with people is a must – I need as much as anyone to engage in mutual encouragement. Ultimately, for me relationships with people come first, being open and honest, vulnerable, transparent and genuine, even in a worship setting…balancing poise and composure with humanity and reality.


2. Commitment to the youth of the church is necessary for church ministry. I need to be braver about calling leaders, teachers, etc. and articulating what it means to be living out our faith and being God’s kingdom…in the context of youth and their lives. Not for the sake of moral education or character formation but because we are being obedient to God’s call to love the youth…to give them purpose, give them hope, to impact them with God’s love.


3. Commitment to reaching out to the local community is a part of the church’s mission. Who is literally on the fringes? What does it mean to be faithful to the stranger? What does it mean to be a neighbor and to love our neighbors?


4. Commitment to my well-being is foundational: I need to not waste time emotionally on things that don’t give me life…other people’s perspectives (especially people who are annoying), administrative crap, etc…and invest in that which makes me alive…and supporting and building my marriage everyday [possibly consider how it even needs to have boundaries too though…”intimate strangers”]. Also, Sabbaths are something I’m still figuring out, but I know that they are necessary. I can’t be who God wants me to be unless I take the time to delve into that as well as work in ministry.