“But our citizenship is in heaven, and it is from there that we are expecting a Saviour, the Lord Jesus Christ.” Philippians 3:20

in our women’s bible study one wednesday morning, during the chapter topic on waiting for God, we were talking again about how waiting is so counter-cultural, and how hard it is to not get sucked into the culture around us, and all the pressures of certain expectations that try to define our bodies, our womanhood, our motherhood, our relationships with people, and definitely, our priorities. we were reminded that we all carry a little seed of heaven within each of us, and what it means that we belong to a different kingdom, and have a different citizenship. i think the above philippians verse came up, and it struck me in a new way as we talked about the manifestation of various cultures we encounter all the time – ethnic, geographic, and just within our specific family/home lives. i shared a little bit about how long it took for us to get our citizenship, and the interesting experience of navigating two cultures, while someone shared about what happens in her house.

then, we thought about what it means to have our “citizenship in heaven,” and what it means to wait and expect a Savior, and how that would be expressed in a heaven-culture with distinct tastes and sounds, smells, music, and…attitudes…perspectives. what does it mean to create a heaven-culture around us? it got me thinking about how necessary it is to be intentional about literally creating this culture, i mean, that’s what being counter-cultural is as well, isn’t it?

i’m taking the next couple of posts to write about what this could look life for me…