Spiritual Disciplines…Re-Mixed

I love Richard Foster’s books on spiritual classics, celebrating/celebration of discipline, etc, all of it being a wonderful exhortation to recover some of these lost arts of Christian faith. In light of conversations about heaven-culture in the previous post, and thinking about the growing conviction I have had lately to be deliberate and intentional about these practices, I’m doing a little re-mix.

So, a beginning disclaimer: I know that there are hordes of books on spiritual disciplines and truly, I’m aware, as the old adage from Ecclesiastes says, “there is nothing new under the sun,” but…in some ways, I’m writing for myself…as a spiritual discipline…trying to articulate why it is important to delve intentionally into these disciplines. Perhaps, by some crazy chance they will become habits…I do want to put out there that I’m aware of my context, and will probably write mostly from it, specifically being a clergywoman, a woman of color, a wife, and an East Coast-er, and all that goes with this crazy combination.

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