Same Team

Funny thing about marriage…when A- and I get in the heat of the moment in terms of an argument, it feels like we’re competing or defending our own individual “goal” (I’m thinking soccer because World Cup is on the brain). There are times it is intense and it feels like we’re getting too carried away. There have been moments where I feel like I have to shout, “SAME TEAM!”

In all the ways we are so different from each other (for instance, I eat my corn on the cob in rows across, and he rotates it around and around) we’re the same when it comes to stubbornness, bossiness, and opinions, though he will say that I am way more bossy. But this was inevitable. I’m thinking about all of this because of a Yahoo article on birth order and┬ácompatibility. It reminded me of a couple of books on personality and birth order, in general, and I remember reading in particular that the oldest-oldest combination was supposedly the least desirable. We both have 1 younger sibling.

While I don’t totally subscribe to theories about personalities, there is something here. It’s good to be aware of the possibility. And, when it comes to our own relationship, I think there’s something to the whole same-team mentality, especially when it comes to “discussions,” (when I was younger and my parents fought they always said that they were just having “discussions”). Sometimes, a good break/interruption can help me get perspective, even if it’s maybe a perspective I’m arguing against…After all, the most important thing is that we’re in this together…we’re on the same team.

I get pictures randomly off of Google, and I’m wondering if I should make it a regular practice to give credit wherever, so here’s the picture link.