Memorial Day and the Trinity

We had a guest preacher on Sunday, and spent the rest of the day at a BBQ at A’s aunt’s home to hang out with that side of the family, and spend time with his grandmother. Grandma moved from Pittsburgh to Ohio to live with her eldest son finally this past January. She’s 95! It was good that she finally moved somewhere she’d have someone available all the time, although Pittsburgh isn’t the same without her. I relished the time with her…I always do, she’s my adopted grandmother in some ways, since all mine growing up were in South Korea. Sadly, now all of them are gone, though, except for my dad’s mother. Most of my grandparent love goes to her now.

Thinking about all her years of life…I am musing a little on the stories the guest preacher shared that referred to much of her history, too, with his different experiences of war – traumatic stories from his close friend in Vietnam and a visit to an old concentration camp in Germany. I liked it, particularly how he tied it in with the Great Commission, which is what he preached on for Trinity Sunday in a simple and compelling way. At this camp, one of the tour guides shared a story about how after the camp was liberated, and one of the soldiers had found a minister’s stole with the words in German – “Lo, I am with you always.” He was struck by the power of those words in such a place.

Even in those horrific moments, ones that I can’t even begin to imagine, the Trinity speaks to me about God’s mysterious presence and intimate relationship with us. The way God is with us…is difficult to articulate, but the point is that God is…

The picture came from a Memorial Day prayer from last year.