Odd Calling

One of the books I’m reading is something Andy gave me last week, and one someone else recommended to him called This Odd and Wondrous Calling by Lillian Daniel and Martin Copenhaver. They have really distinct voices and styles, and talk on a variety of topics in really fresh, honest ways – everything from the sometimes mundane, but important conversations at meetings with Trustees to being married to a clergy person to the fairly frequent agony of “I went to three years of graduate school for this blahblahblah?” to identity, authority, and preaching. Many of the little nuggets sounded familiar, I’m sure I’ve heard other pastors speak to it in conversations, like my HOS or Andy’s or my dad, and the veteran pastors in the presbytery. But, there’s something wonderfully affirming and legitimizing about seeing it in text…in black and white…

I am thinking that in the next few weeks, as I finish it up, I’ll write in response to some of their stories with some of my own. I totally recommend it, too, btw.

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