Growing Up and Grace

I think I was struck the most by Chapter 8 in This Odd and Wondrous Calling. It’s still a strange mentality to resist – the attitude that graduating from college and then seminary, I’ve been given all the answers and tools I need to do ministry, and I’ve “made” it…and basically done growing and learning whether in work or life…and my title somehow being…my mantle of morality and the reason I have to simply be nice to people.

But, in the last couple of years, and certainly, if I reflect on my experience in ministry from the beginning, I see God’s hand shaping and growing me in very intentional ways…through praying with others, reading and studying the Bible with others, preparing for sermons for worship with others…”with others” is a key phrase for me, and the reminder that God uses others in my life to teach me about ministry and faith.

Like Copenhaver writes, “It’s made me better than I am.” I love the thought of God continuously working on me, especially through my work and vocation…to make me better than I am. It’s not just my job, but the call of my life – to be physically and spiritually a canvass for God’s working grace.