Summer Reading List

I have a tendency to start books and not finish them so a bunch of these will be books that I hope to finish…at least before the year ends…!!! if not the summer…

1. Awakening Youth Discipleship: This was recommended by Kenda Dean, and so far is a very thought-provoking and refreshing read in terms of reframing youth ministry. 2. Tribal Church: I’ve had this for a couple of months. 3. People’s History of the US: I don’t read much on history, but heard great things about it, and of course there’s  the “Good Will Hunting” reference. 4. Let the Great World Spin: Given to me recently by a very good friend. 5. Outlaw Culture: Dr. Anne Joh posted a link to this on her FB a while ago, which led me to Amazon and a 1-click purchasing opportunity. Amazon makes it toooo easy, but anything by bell hooks is worthwhile. 6. The Brief and Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao: I picked up Drown first a while back, and Andy read this maybe two summers ago? I heard a cool interview of Junot Diaz, and now I think I have a little crush. 7. The Pacific War: Somehow we were able to watch 3 episodes of The Pacific – the Tom Hanks HBO series – off of VOD, and I got hooked on the stories. Bummed that I will just have to wait until the fall to try to pick up the DVDs, but for now, will read up on it.

I think there’s more…but probably should start small for now, what with the World Cup being such a major distraction!