Sacred Spaces: Dominican Republic

One of the youth said it once so simply, “I feel God in the DR.”

I’ve talked about this feeling like a spiritual retreat/recharge, or a place of cleansing and starting over, and even sometimes like a second home…All these are characteristic of a sacred space.

But, the piece that speaks the most to me, especially when we spend time with our Dominican family, is how it’s always so unexpected…the grace, the nourishment, the impact…no matter how many times we go I think it’ll always feel like a hand is reaching deep down somewhere into the farthest reaches of my soul…and turning me completely inside out.

I always wonder what the insane bawling and tears are about at the closing service each year…It’s almost uncontrollable…What do they mean? A little bit of gratitude…guilt…and maybe some crazy and desperate hope for them…

“Holy Holy Holy…Lord God Almighty…All Thy works shall praise Thy Name, in earth, and sky, and sea;┬áHoly, holy, holy; merciful and mighty!
God in three Persons, blessed Trinity!”