Pregnancy Lessons: Enjoy It

It’s hard for me to enjoy something if there isn’t a good glass of wine or a cold beer to go with it. I have to admit – I have focused a lot on what I am missing out on or have to sacrifice or abstain from during pregnancy, namely the aforementioned, and raw foods like sushi and oysters, a good strong cup of coffee, and a big, fat deli sandwich from Wegman’s. I know some ladies eat and drink pretty much whatever – even a glass of wine here or there isn’t supposed to be terrible. But, I live with the food police, ie. my husband. So, it is a lesson once again in unselfishness…but, also in perspective. I have much to be grateful for in this season…so why not enjoy it? After all, we Presbyterians have that as our central purpose – “to glorify God and to enjoy Him forever.”

So, I will engage the discipline of joy…the little things like starting to feeling little flutters like bird is flapping his wings in my belly and the taste of certain cravings fulfilled with waffle fries from Chick-Fil-A…and the big things, too, like the wonderful happenings at both of our churches and a cozy home to come home to during these rainy fall days. Joy and gratitude go hand in hand, it seems, and I need both to carry me through these next several months.

“The joy of the Lord is my strength…” Nehemiah 8