Pregnancy Lessons: Seek Help

I don’t like asking for help. I hate feeling like a burden to someone, and yes, there’s a little pride sprinkled in there, too. But this last week or so, it’s become really difficult to do the most basic, physical acts – putting on my socks and shoes, lifting or moving anything, even getting up from the couch or a seat requires some serious exertion.

But, we have the Junior High Rockathon coming up (a lockin for the kids who’ve gotten pledges to send as donations to an orphanage in Zimbabwe – something College Hill has done for a number of years) and I’m feeling overwhelmed. It was so easy to just do anything and everything, but now I have to think about how I can’t move all the couches myself, getting a worship space set up in the sanctuary requires a lot of back and forth, and I won’t be able to play fly swatter hockey with the kids. I have to even consider the possibility that I won’t make it through the night, and may need to rest at home.

It’s a strange, humbling thing…seeking help, but I think a “skill” that will prove to be useful even after the babies are here.