Advent: Babies and Baking

Tis the season…

Yesterday we had a good appointment at the OB – growth scan, etc. The babies are baking nicely! 😮 They took a lot of pictures – the boy was somehow active and awake, but lying face down. Seriously, every time we go in to see them the boy is always lying on his face. It makes us laugh because Andy sleeps on his face. The girl was kind of puckering up and smacking her lips, too, and gave us a nice profile shot. They both weigh some over 2 lbs – I have 4.5 lbs of baby in me…Feel so…thankful. I now have to go in every 2 weeks, and soon every week. New due date is March 1, 2011 (if the babies haven’t come by then they will induce me that day). What a crazy season…

Also trying to do at least one gift inspired by the Advent Conspiracy by baking cookies for my youth leaders. It gave me a chance to think and pray for them – the space for thoughtfulness and intentionality was more meaningful to me as the giver. I feel blessed by it. I’m not much of a baker – they’re ginger cookies. No Smitten Kitchen here!

I ended up having a lot so I could make some for A – I also made a couple of special ones for him (two frogs one for each tadpole – he likes frogs, too).

A good, productive morning! Now onto some other actual work…

2 thoughts on “Advent: Babies and Baking

  • December 15, 2010 at 2:54 am

    yo, these are pretty effn cool.

  • December 26, 2010 at 12:11 am

    Mihee, through your encouragement I’ve started a WordPress account, a way to post CO pix. But it is really difficult for me. Maybe you can help me when I visit in January?

    Sleep well and relax this week. Actually sleep every moment that you can!


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