Sympathy Pregnancy Symptoms: Is Andy Pregnant?

I guess it’s not a myth. I’ve heard of funny stories from friends – one guy told me he had a strange, intense craving for black olives for a week and others have felt really emotional. So far, Andy has had:

1. Lower back pain – I usually feel it when I’ve been on my feet a lot, but he’s been feeling it when he wakes up, or gets up from the couch, actually, a lot in general.

2. Crazy thirsty – Andy usually drinks a lot of water anyway, but I’ve been crazy thirsty, and somehow it’s accentuated his thirst, too.

3. Bloating – This may be more from holiday eating lately.

4. Headaches – I was getting headaches consistently for a few weeks early December, and somehow, so was he…

5. Leg cramps – I would wake up in the mornings with major leg cramps – I would forget to not point my toes down whenever I felt like stretching and that would result in “AHHHHHHHHH!!!” and him waking up, groggily “What is it? What is it? What is it?” But, lately he’s been having pain in his legs, too!!!

6. Major exhaustion – He is really more tired most of the time than I am.

He hasn’t had any strange food cravings – but neither have I (except for milk). But, I wonder…



Andy insisted that I make clear that the picture to the right is not him at all – he looks more like George Clooney. Pregnancy must make one delusional too, I suppose.