Milestones: Andy’s 37th Birthday

Time goes by too quickly.

We celebrated Andy’s 37th birthday yesterday. 37. It sounds like a good number to me, lucky somehow. I think it will be a good year for him.

In further celebration of him let me recount the 37 ways I am grateful for his life:

1. He is genuine.
2. He is sensitive in ways that always surprises me.
3. He is compassionate.
4. He is silly and goofy – somehow always make laugh like crazy.
5. He patiently puts up with all my questions in the middle of Steelers’ games.
6. He loves animals.
7. He deals with my crazy.
8. He gives very soothing leg and back rubs.
9. He is adventurous.
10. He likes Korean food.
11. He does the dishes and other woman-ish (according to my parents) chores periodically.
12. He shovels the walk.
13. He takes out the trash.
14. He is very handy when it comes to chores that require a tall person.
15. He mows the lawn.
16. He likes to read interesting books.
17. He is a great minister.
18. He is very humble.
19. He laughs like an old man – and it’s contagious.
20. He is a good friend (just ask Jay Bowers…among many others).
21. He looks good in shorts (nice legs).
22. He is gentle.
23. He wakes up in a good mood in the mornings.
24. He sings in the shower.
25. He can’t carry a tune, but knows way too much about music.
26. He gives sage advice.
27. He drives me around a lot.
28. He doesn’t hold grudges.
29. He is good at telling jokes and stories.
30. He lets Ellis the dog dominate him.
31. He is honest.
32. He is challenges me.
33. He is my partner in crime.
34. He is good to family.
35. He will make an incredible dad.
36. He is faithful.
37. He loves God.

I could actually go on and on…Happy birthday, love. I’m looking forward to manymanymany more years from you.