Showered with Love: Babies Shower

What a day! Both churches came together to celebrate the little ones. It was overwhelming to receive their love and support. We spent a long time opening gifts, and it was incredibly entertaining to hear Andy describe each one for everyone – “We received some baby clothes,” (everything from onesies to socks to dresses to layettes) “We received something the baby sits in after we give them a bath,” (bathtub) ” We received a u-shaped pillow,” (boppy) “We received a nice messenger bag,” (diaper bag). His interpretations were hilarious and the folks got such a kick out of it.

In the top photo – Andy is playing one of the silly shower games – so funny! They melted various chocolatey candies in diapers and you had to smell and guess what candy. I couldn’t stomach it but looks like Andy is getting into it! 😮

We had a wonderful time, and loved the gifts…but love the gift of the community surrounding us with their presence.