Encountering Motherhood: The Circle of Moms

Trying to stay somewhat mentally engaged during this time before my brain cells totally disintegrate from lack of sleep…

I’ve been blown away already by a wonderful group of women who have loved and encouraged me just in the last couple of weeks through physical presence, phone calls, emails, and Facebook. Moms have dropped of tons of food, and lots of messages reminding me that I can count on them for help and perspective. All the stories from moms near and far, with one child or many children, twins and more, all have contributed to my experience so far, and have helped me to feel surrounded with grace. The camaraderie of women is indescribable – the shared experience (even in its diversity, after all, every child is unique) of entering into motherhood is binding, and simply goes without saying.

I don’t really feel like a mom quite yet, not sure what that even means really, but being loved by other moms has been huge, and a way to live into it right now.