Priorities: Parenthood and Playing with Babies

The challenge as of late: Trying to juggle work and parenthood. During the pregnancy, I somehow convinced myself , naively, that it would be simple to compartmentalize the two spheres in my life. Now that I’m in the throes of both I realize that the energy – and brain cells – necessary to maintain both simply aren’t present. Where did it all go? Out the door on the heels of that elusive visitor, once so beloved and familiar, as Andy likes to say often, sleep – yes, “sleep forgot our home.” Meanwhile, I am floundering a little even in moments with youth – trying to ask the right questions and really listen to them, and all I can hear in my brain are the echoes of babies’ cries. Luckily, Andy’s mom is and has been around, and others have stopped by as well, and those extra two hands to hold a baby or two has been huge as I sort out these new priorities in my life. But, as my time comes to an end at College Hill, I am realizing that this is the season for us now – feeding the babies, cleaning the babies, comforting the babies, just being with the babies…playing with the babies. Thankfully, parenthood is very “easy” and straightforward since this is what it consists of right now. I’m starting to imagine what sorts of issues will come up in the future especially for them as hapas at the very least, and what a relief that we have time to grow with them, too. Our only priority right now is to take care of ourselves and help these little ones to get fat and happy.

“Action expresses priorities.” -Mahatma Gandhi