Bloomington: Move to the Mid-West

So, it’s been a week since we did the MOVE TO THE MID-WEST. The picture is pretty inaccurate actually – here in Bloomington there aren’t really any cornfields and it’s quite hilly. Also, it’s been crazy rainy/stormy, but I think it’s like that all over the country.

The drive out was fine. I can’t believe we made it out here with little 8 week old babies. We stopped off in Pittsburgh and actually slept decently – it was the first time I fell asleep sitting up on the couch with the babies on the feeding pillow. It was cozy and divine, although I couldn’t move my neck well afterwards for awhile. That evening we caught up with the Yuckmans – friends from seminary – at the local Eat-n-Park, and it was super to see them. The next morning we took off across Ohio, and OH HI, oh it was sooooo long. The kids slept most of the time, we stopped twice to feed and change them. We got into Bloomington around 9 and headed straight to the Chipotle’s downtown. It was a perfect first meal! When we got to the townhome, we were greeted by a fun, large welcome sign with signatures of Andy’s church members’, as well as a little herb box, flowers in the front yard, Easter baskets, and a pantry stocked with food and beer. It was amazing!

The movers came the next day and it was a swampy mess. But they moved in the absurdly huge number of boxes in and I immediately wanted to cry – we could barely move around the place. Somehow though we got through most of the boxes and found a storage unit to put to the rest of them in, and settled in pretty well. Easter came, and it was a lovely day, but again, I had a hard time being present. Another family/friends – the Tennis-Guldens – we knew from seminary drove up for the service and we had lunch with them at the Great Wall. It was incredibly surreal to be having this meal together with four babies/kids between us. There were a lot of laughs!

Sadly, we all forgot to take pictures of each other and the babies on their first Easter. But, it is a week/holiday I will never forget! I will also never forget that the stereotype of mid-westerners is absolutely true – that they are friendly, warm, and welcoming. Andy’s church folks did everything from dropping off meals to taking stuff to our storage place to watching the babies last minute to hauling away our huge moving boxes. Such a huge blessing…and a neat way to start our life here.

Now, if only the sun would come out!…