Lauren Spierer: Missing Student…Daughter, Sister, Friend

It’s been well over a week.

Lauren Spierer, an 20 year-old IU student is still missing. She disappeared early on a Friday morning, and since then there have been numerous searches organized, rewards offered, pleas lifted up – especially by her parents – for her return. Everywhere you go, there are fliers with her face hung up all over town, and her picture comes up on my news feed on Facebook every few hours or as a re-tweet on Twitter even by Ryan Seacrest (not that I follow him). Good Morning America mentioned her briefly one day as well as numerous other shows including America’s Most Wanted. It’s hard not to think about her often.

What strikes me about this terrible situation:

|| It hits close to home. It’s right here in Bloomington. She was presumably attacked a few blocks from Andy’s church.
|| She’s a friend to many, it seems like…and she is someone’s sister, and for me, more poignantly, she is someone’s daughter.

As I write this, I am looking at A sleeping in her bouncy seat. My angel pie.

My gut reaction is to lock her up for the rest of her life and never let her leave home. I know, I know there are hundreds of stories like Lauren – people going missing and often times their stories don’t end well – but I’m clinging to some hope for her.┬áMy heart breaks for her family.

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