Work and Travel: It Does Happen…With Help


On Wednesday, Thursday and Friday of this week I took the babies out of town to the GAMC meeting in Louisville. I’d missed the spring meeting since the babies were about a month old, so I did not want to miss this one especially in light of some huge recent changes in the PCUSA including the passage of 10-A, nFOG, and the huge gathering of the Fellowship of Presbyterians and the potential formation of the New Reformed Body. I wanted to chat with others about it, and get some sense of it besides do some busy, and relatively productive work of the church.

Without my mom there I would have had no way of being present for the meetings. What a huge help – and yes, I think now that it would be great if PCUSA could set up some kind of childcare for the handful of young adults that may need it for those meetings. I essentially ran up to the room every couple of hours to nurse the babies and help with nap times, and periodically had one of them join me for a plenary or committee meeting. It worked. Somehow. And, what a blessing to be able to have sustained adult conversations for long periods of time. Also, loved seeing others enjoy the babies – funny so many wanted to simply hold them. I even saw a couple of random people take pictures of them.

Some notable highlights:

…catching up with folks, and meeting new ones, particularly having a beer with Melissas De Rosia, pastor of Gates Presbyterian Church in Rochester, New York, and Carol Howard Merritt, pastor at Western Presbyterian Church in D.C. Both are authors, and crazy hilarious and interesting.

…hearing about what the church is doing, especially the Discipleship committee (which I’m on) – and some compelling initiatives in terms of leadership for young women and Native American ministries.

…bemoaning the long discussion on the name change of the council – which, as Melissa pointed out on Twitter, is sad that this is what sparked the most debate.

…having dinner with the Guldens one night.

I’d like to reflect on it some more, but for now some gratuitous shots of a happy girl baby: