Prayer Answer: Andy’s 38th Birthday (Woah?!?!?!?)

So I don’t think it is the best birthday so far. The Steelers got Tebow-ed last night (I’m still in shock…grieving and mourning that crazy loss). The babies slept decently last night, but they woke up at the not-very-godly hour of 6 am probably because they were so excited about Daddy’s birthday. In the mornings we do sort of a Russian Roulette with the babies. Each of us takes a baby to change their diaper, and there’s always a possibility for an extra early morning surprise. Of course, he got the surprise. And, we discovered the place we wanted to go to for lunch is closed Mondays. Actually, it’s the place I wanted to go to today, so maybe that’s just as well, and he can actually pick the place for his birthday lunch. 

At least he’s not as grumpy as he normally is this time of year.

But, even if he feels like he doesn’t have much to celebrate, his family does. His friends, too. His church.

And, me.

With all the hub-bub about Mark Driscoll’s book Real Marriage, including this thoughtful engagement by Rachel Held Evans and Emerging Mummy’s lovely response, I’m thinking about my own marriage. I’ll be honest – it’s been awhile. People have told me the marriage is put “on hold,” in the first year or so of parenthood. And, for us, in many ways that’s certainly been true as our priorities have shifted towards the babies’ daily well-being, and for us, the bare minimum of eating, hydrating, and sleep (or at least trying to get two out of three). But, throughout it all, we’ve maintained what I believe is the most important: our partnership. It helps that we’re friends – we generally like each other, we laugh at each other , and we enjoy similar things. And we love our babies. Sarah puts this partnership well:

When it comes to the end, we both bear the responsibility for this love affair, for our family, for the work that we are both called to do and the love we are meant to spill out to show the God we know as Love.

Even if I can’t totally articulate the ways we’ve grown and changed as a couple right now, I know it’s there, and maybe in a few years, on hindsight, it will make more sense. Meanwhile, one thing hasn’t changed and that’s the way he regularly shows me God’s grace. In new and surprising ways.

He is an answer to prayer for so many people, and I can’t imagine this life or world without him.

Ringer, Fancy-Face, Good-Lookin, Frog,
Here’s to many, many more years.

And this one will be great! (Even without the Steelers in the Superbowl.)

3 thoughts on “Prayer Answer: Andy’s 38th Birthday (Woah?!?!?!?)

  • January 9, 2012 at 2:54 pm

    Beautifully said. Love to you both. Keep the faith and enjoy the ride!

    And I’ve enjoyed reading some of your other blog posts in recent days. Thx.

    • January 16, 2012 at 11:41 am

      Thanks Louise!!! We miss you much! <3

  • January 19, 2012 at 9:38 pm

    Wait. January 9th?? That’s my birthday! Happy belated, Andy!

    Also, I feel the same way about our marriage. We are unquestionably happy. I am SO LUCKY to have this man as my husband and the father of my children. And we have to consciously maintain our relationship right now. It has eased up in some ways, but I expect it will be a few years yet before we really feel like we can simply hang out and have a conversation on a regular basis!

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