Motherhood Mantra: When In Doubt…

I’d been feeling trapped. The previous week, I had a great time of being with other moms on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday, and the babies seemed to enjoy being out and about, too. But then D started to get sick Friday afternoon, and Saturday, it was clear he wasn’t well. Sunday found us at urgent care since he had a 101 fever, but the doctor seemed unconcerned – it was a virus so nothing could be done for him at that point besides offering fluids, a humidifier, and an occasional dose of baby Advil. We were stuck at home for the rest of the week before the big meeting in L’Ville as I tried to discern whether or not we should skip out on the meeting. But, he seemed to be on the mend so we decided to go ahead to the meeting on Wednesday afternoon.

…I have to admit that perhaps I was desperate to get out. 5 straight days of holding down the fort seemed to make the walls cave in on me by Tuesday afternoon. I’m sure the babies were feeling claustrophobic in some ways, too. At that point, the weather wasn’t too cold, so I thought I could take the babies out for a bit. The only problem was that I had left the stroller in the car, which Andy had taken to get an oil change before the trip. AGHHH. I proceeded to wrestle them for the next 30 minutes into baby carriers (I have D in the back and A in the front – a system I discovered over the summer with the help of a neighbor friend), but by the time I got them both in, I realized I didn’t have any winter hats for them either. I couldn’t justify going out for a long walk with one being sick, one on the way to being sick most likely, without something covering their heads. I sighed as I undid the straps. They certainly didn’t hesitate to voice their disappointment.

But, I still needed something. They needed something. I remember the advice a skier friend gave me once about when the terrain is hard to make out but bumpy. He said:

When in doubt, air it out.

In this case, he meant jump. And, I was maybe at a point where I was going to jump…out of a window. But, somehow airing-it-out hit me in a different way. It’s definitely applicable to a whole host of other situations, and not just in terms of sailing over moguls. So I threw open the door to let the cold air into the house and felt I could breathe all of a sudden. I put the two exersaucers out on the porch and dropped the babies in wearing hoodies and blankets. They were content for about 20 minutes. And that was all I needed to regain some sanity. When I brought them both back in they seemed much more subdued and peaceful.

Never doubt again that fresh air does wonders.

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