Steelers, Mandoo, and a Paintbrush: Babies 1st Birthday

I’m still in a little disbelief – a whole year has gone by since the twins’ arrival. They suddenly went from these adorable little blobs that laid around to tiny human beings that walk, bellow, dance, squeal, and laugh – all with flailing limbs and questionable balance. They are amazing.

We had a little gathering for them at Andy’s church on Saturday and had people from his congregation and from the local community with us. My parents drove down from Rockford, and old friends (basically extended family – childhood church) drove down from Indy to also celebrate with us. It was Steelers-themed to honor Andy’s side of the family – when you walked in everything was pretty much black and yellow – tablecloths, banners, M&Ms, and cupcake toppers. (I hope no one thought they were Purdue colors in Hoosier country.) There was Korean food from Cafe Dami on 4th street (a great little place for comfort food) – I’ve never seen so much mandoo. Also, sweets (cupcakes from a church family and neighbor, and a cake from Bake Me A Cake Etc.) I think I’ve had my fill of sugar for the rest of the year. As per usual for Koreans there was WAY TOO MUCH food.

The highlight was the doljahbi – it was hilarious. For those who don’t know, there’s a tradition of the babies “picking out their destiny.” We lay out items like money, a pen, etc. (we did a piano, Bible, ballet shoes, paintbrush, basketball, and stethoscope), and whatever they crawl to and pick is what they will be in the future. (Of course, we’re not so sure about the accuracy since I apparently picked money, and well, I’m a pastor, so yeah…). The babies weren’t so keen on crawling to anything in front of everyone – I kind of think they were tired. D cried as soon as we put him down, and A laid down on her stomach like she was going to nap. Eventually, D picked out the stethoscope (which would bode well for our retirement!!!) and A picked out the paintbrush (she’ll have an exhibit at the MoMa).

But, it was a special time – mostly, seeing the community that has surrounded us for the last year – church families as well as mom groups that I’ve been with weekly – so it really meant so much. It was a hard year at so many levels, and I know that we wouldn’t have been able to do it without the support of those here. That being said, there were so many people I missed dearly, and wished could have been there, but somehow I did feel their presence and joy. We feel crazy blessed, and in a way, maybe my doljahbi did come true, as their pediatrician said, I have a wealth of love because of these babies.