A Church Online | Beta: What’s the Point?

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So, Bruce Reyes-Chow is starting a church. Somehow this guy has the energy to do a gazillion projects ranging from blogging and writing to doing a D.Min to serving on various committees to raising a family, and he decides, Hm. I think it’s time to start a church. 

I got sucked in. It’s hard not to when it comes to Bruce. His enthusiasm and passion for the church is crazy contagious. So, I was happily taken in, especially when I heard who else would be on the leadership team, including Katie Mulligan, who is too fantastic for words, and her words will blow you away, by the way. The rest of the crew is equally inspiring, challenging, engaging, and almost every other positive adjectival verb -ing word I can think of right now. At the very least, this venture will be educational and rich simply because I will interact with those folks on a regular basis.

But, back to the question on hand. What’s the point? Can’t people just watch sermons online for free? Can’t people just have discussions about scripture passages in forums? Can’t people just get the support and encouragement they need from Facebook groups?

The answer: Yes. And, this will be part of the challenge – to be an expression of Christ’s body that’s relevant – contextually, generationally, etc. – and radical – envelope-pushing, boundary-breaking, dream-building. Not an easy task, but I believe that if anyone is to head up the charge, Bruce is it.

And, while I’m honestly not sure how this will play out, and I’m aware there’s a lot of criticism/”whatever” out there about it already, there is also a lot of hunger, too. People, including myself, are hungry for a way to be church in a raw and real way and where we are now without the limitations of geography, politics, and time. What this will call for is a generous and compassionate creativity in our words, our endeavors, our projects, and our ministry. Trusting. Risking. Loving. And the goal remains the same – to build up the body of Christ and bear God’s kingdom to the world. I’m ready for anything!

Plus we got Rocky’s endorsement. That’s pretty dang good in my book.

Would love thoughts and comments! Check out the FB group page.

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