College Ministry: Cultivating Connection

In the midst of wrestling babies into something other than sleepers once in a while and listening to the music of their bellows and screeching, I’ve been toying with some projects – work that I hope feeds and nourishes, even as I seek to be fed by it – some writing, some blogging, and some church-y stuff. There’s the online church started by Bruce Reyes-Chow, where I couldn’t help but get roped in because of his contagious passion, and well, he’s just such a great guy, and the rest of the leadership team is just stellar – more about this later.

I’ve also continued to talk, think, dream about college ministry in this town. I need to try to sort out some thoughts and reflect intentionally about it here. The first post skimmed a bit along the surface – thinking about the need for creating a posture towards college students. But the biggest piece, in my opinion, is connection. One of the tasks of ministry is facilitating community, and creating relationships – connecting people to one another, to themselves, and to God.

This is a no-brainer, I mean, in terms of being an obvious component to church, community, etc. But the “how” is always a big question mark – there are just so many philosophies and methodologies, models (lone ranger vs. staff) and ideals and standards, and even PCUSA has finally stepped up to delve into how the denomination can be not only supportive but innovative in doing college ministry through the local congregation.

I have nothing life-altering here to add to the discussion. I simply want to affirm that this is so crazy important. Everything else becomes obsolete and meaningless if we don’t help people connect to God and to each other. How young people experience God will be directly connected to the experience of genuine, loving community around them. No gimmicks. No formulas. No magic. Just real, honest, and messy relating to one another, and struggling with God’s word and call to bear God’s kingdom in the world.

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