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I’m not sure why. Random association – but I thought of Adam Sandler’s Lunchlady Land song. This has nothing to do with anything except that my brain is still so off. And I do love Adam Sandler. And this song. And lunch ladies. And definitely church ladies.

Well, this was an unexpected but really nice surprise this morning. I got a text from a friend – an amazing writer/blogger herself who inspires me so much – that I needed to check out Sarah Bessey’s blog post today. The fam and I were out getting our brunch on at the closest thing that is a diner in this town on Kirkwood Street at the time, and it was a busy morning with the bebes, so I didn’t get a chance to get on my blog reader (I’m subscribed to Emerging Mummy). I checked on the phone, and saw my name at #46 (Click on the beautiful banner above).

Um, wow. I didn’t even know she really knew I existed (even though I have corresponded with her a few times, and left comments on various posts). Really honored to be included simply because 1) I really respect Sarah and love her writing, 2) alot of people respect Sarah and love her writing, and 3) the writers on the list. I’m in crazy amazing good company. Except that she was silly and didn’t put herself on the list.

The main thing about this list, and this post is that she continues to be herself, courageous and articulate, a wonderful voice that is counter-cultural. While other lists, other bloggers, other venues continue to list the same-old expected celebrities and overlook the work of many, many women writers, activists, ministers, teachers, moms, etc. by not including them in the general social consciousness, she puts forth an alternative perspective. A reminder that the first people to share the gospel were women. A reminder that many missionaries and pastors around the world are in fact, women. A reminder that our gender has as much to contribute to the work of the kingdom as anyone else.

I’m still surprised, but encouraged, too. I’ll keep speaking up, and putting it out there, even if I sound idiotic or clueless. At the very least, I can seek to be a fool…for Christ. I’d rather be a jester in his kingdom than a celebrity in this one.

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  • April 16, 2012 at 5:56 pm

    Love “I can seek to be a fool…for Chirst. I’d rather be a jester in his kingdom than a celebrity in this one.” Amen. Love you Mihee and Congratulations!

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