Motherhood Mantra: Sow. Weed. Water. Wait.

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I was honored when Mihee asked me to participate in this series of Motherhood Mantras. I didn’t have to think long about which mantra I would share, because it literally stares me in the face whenever I am at my kitchen sink. To anyone else entering my kitchen, it is simply just a piece of cute garden art, but to me, it is a mantra.

Sow. Weed. Water. Wait.

I love to work in my vegetable garden. There’s nothing like planting tiny little seeds in the beautiful fresh dirt, and then seeing them sprout up into leafy, green plants that will produce food for my family in just a couple of months. Right now, my little plants are like my babies. I am very protective of them, concerned on whether they are getting enough water and sunlight, looking out for any pesky weeds that might be coming up. Everyday, I run out to the garden to see if they have grown or if there are any little flowers appearing. Some mornings they look like they have doubled in size overnight, and other mornings, I can’t see any changes. One thing I have learned is that gardening requires a lot of TLC and even more patience.

So what does this have to do with motherhood?

You see, I like to think of my boys’ hearts as two little gardens that the Father has placed under my care.

As mother’s, we have a tremendous responsibility before us in raising our children. When they are babies, it seems so simple. Hold them, feed them, change them, love them. As they get older, we have to start teaching them right from wrong. Figure out what behaviors we will allow and which ones we won’t allow, and choose how we are going to discipline them for the latter. We start to think about what and how much media we are going to let them be exposed to, and worry about the values we may be teaching them if we let them play with certain toys. Then we began to feel the even deeper responsibilities of passing on our faith and values in an authentic way.

It can be overwhelming to think about!

Because we are a culture that likes immediate results, we often think that we should be able to simply teach our children something once, and then turn around and make sure they can regurgitate the correct answers.

But it isn’t always that easy.

I would love to be able to sit down with my four year old and simply read him a story about Jesus, and close the little Bible with the assurance that he truly understands who Jesus is and what He has done for us. But during that moment, he is too preoccupied by the soldiers and the swords in the illustration, and I feel discouraged.

That’s when I remind myself…

Sow. Weed. Water. Wait.

Every time I tell him about Jesus, read him a Bible story, take him to church, sing him a song, and most importantly, model the love of God in front of him and to him, I am planting seeds of God’s love in the garden of his heart.

Every time I correct his wrong behavior, choose to not allow certain media and toys in our home, keep him out of places and away from people who I feel could have a negative influence over him, I am weeding that little garden.

Every time I tell him I love him, show him grace instead of disapproval, accept him for who he is, and let him know that his feelings, thoughts, and opinions matter to me, I am watering that little garden.

Then comes the hard part.

The wait.

Trusting that those seeds will grow and produce a harvest.

Oh, but they do. And there is nothing more precious than that unexpected moment, when he lets me know in his own little way, that he has been listening.

What an important job we have as mothers. Thankfully, we have the ultimate Gardener mentoring us through His Word and the equipping of the Holy Spirit. I wouldn’t trade this job for anything!

So when you feel discouraged and overwhelmed at the responsibility before you, just remember…

Sow. Weed. Water. Wait.

Amanda is the mama to two sweet and energetic little boys. She spends most of her days dancing around trucks and superheroes, trying to open up doors of wonder and creativity for their little minds and hands, while planting the seeds of God’s love in their hearts. As a woman, it is her desire to live with intention, creativity, and authenticity. She blogs about faith, motherhood, and life in between at Naturally Chic Mama.

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