Friday Five: Pinterest and Pentecost

I love Pentecost. It literally breathes new life in me.

Love this graphic. I saw it somewhere. I forgot to pin it. Someone on FB asked about Pentecost images. I thought of this but couldn’t remember where I saw it. I scoured the internet. Then I found it on Pinterest. Holy Spirit, making a way in the darkness.

I think I stumbled this photograph. Something about that warm light…

I love the Sarcastic Lutheran. She preaches:

…Nothing’s changed much. People are people. There are the emotional ones, the judgemental one, the naïve ones, and of course the ones like myself who insist on categorizing and naming everyone as though people can be reduced to a label. Honestly. So there we all are even from the beginning. Flawed, smug, confused, embarrassed and embarrassing…in other words the very people to whom God sends the spirit.

Because see, God hasn’t changed either. Just like that first Pentecost, God still crashes our parties and invites in the people we are trying to avoid. God still says yes to all our polite no thank yous. This is what is actually so dangerous about the whole thing. In which case, that red parament with the crazy taloned raptor dove is actually more apt of an image for the Holy Spirit than some soft focus hallmark card dove gently flying in a water color sky. Obviously when speaking of the Holy Spirit we have to revert to all these metaphors of comforter and dove and wind but the thing to remember is that the Holy Spirit….is not a metaphor. Because she will mess you up. Metaphors can’t do that.

Because the Spirit, while called the Comforter does not bring the warm chocolate chip cookies and a night-night story kind of comfort. The Spirit brings the comfort of the truth – and if you’ve had any experience of the truth whatsoever you can testify that it’s not exactly cozy.

A reminder that women received the fire, too.

Artful presentation of Pentecost through worship and space:

Happy Weekend!

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  • May 25, 2012 at 11:20 pm

    I took a photography class from the guy who took the second photo in Big Sur!!!!


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