Making Paper Cranes: The Inspiration

The book is finally done. And, it is…almost ready for publication. There was a snafu requiring an addition to one of the chapters. And now, instead of a June release, we’re hoping for November. Feels far away, but I know it will come quick.

A little backdrop: MPC came out of a senior year thesis in seminary back in 2003-2004. Then, I joined The Young Clergy Women Network. They started a joint venture with Chalice Press and put out a solicitation for books. I figured, what the hell? Might as well give it a shot. It was in 2008 that the proposal was accepted by TYCWP committee, and then accepted by the Chalice Press editors, and I worked like mad to expand the thesis into a book. When I finally turned in the manuscript in early 2009, it would be almost three years before I would get the copyedited manuscript back. They were going through some transitions, but I was honestly wondering if they thought I’d forget about it and move on. I almost believed that it wasn’t important enough.

But, we’re here. The finish line is so close I can almost taste the tape. And I’m in SUCH  a different place from my senior year when I first felt this fire, and then in 2008 when I finished it up, and then even when I worked on responses to the copyedited manuscript. It has been a strange and wild season all throughout, but one that I’m ultimately so grateful to have experienced these however many years. I have too many people to thank and praises to laud…so, I wanted to take some time to share who they are – and their stories, too. Why they inspired me. And hopefully, they will inspire you, too. They are academics, pastors, and teachers AND FULL OUT SUPER HEROES who have already articulated an Asian American Feminist Theology in their own way, through their own lives, their own passions, their own work.

This will not only be about them, but for them, for our sisters, mothers, and daughters.

[Photo credit goes to Debbi Conkle, an incredibly sweet woman from Andy’s church.]


Laura Mariko Cheifetz: Courage and Community (June 5).
Grace Ji-Sun Kim: Speaking for Women (June 19).

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