August Rush: Summer Is Flying By

Andy had left mid-July to start his DMin program at Pittsburgh seminary. The babies and I were left to fend for ourselves but we had great community support from my moms group and the church. I’m EX.HAUS.TED. How do people do this on a regular basis? Still, it is strange to think how INCREDIBLY SLOW that first week went by when I realize that it’s August right now. AUGUST?!?!? Where did June and July go? Major photodump below to catch up a little, and mentally/spiritually prepare for my first time away from the babies for 3 days and 2 nights in Chicago for the TYCWP Board Meeting. Prayers much appreciated!

The babies and I had a picnic with friends and babies – listened to lovely classics and patriotic music from the local symphony. The boys spent much time meandering everywhere but near us, while Angelpie – like a little lady – mostly sat with the adults for dinner.

I had some great help from a church and neighbor – the babies love her. The moms group kids played together pretty well (although A and L already seemed like an old married couple the way they fought over everything) but seemed reluctant to take a photo together. As you can see in the bottom right picture Ellis was also very helpful. We did manage some snuggling though which was nice. 

The babies love playing with Hahj and Halmo. 

More water play, balls, and the obligatory Red Mango (mostly, an excuse for me to pig out on frozen yogurt, fruit, and mochi).

We were finally reunited with Daddy. There was some catch-up wrestling. We checked out the local children’s museum.

We went to a farm/zoo and saw many, many animals that we would have never thought would survive a Mid-West summer (like arctic wolves). Both babies seemed pretty enthralled with the monkey.

Babies + Baskin Robbins = Bliss.

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  • August 7, 2012 at 1:16 pm

    Your children are ridiculously cute. Sending you good thoughts for the solo parenting – it is truly the most exhausting thing, isn’t it? My husband is going back to school part-time starting this fall, and I’m already dreading not having him around 1-2 nights a week. (I’m pretty much a wimp at flying solo.) But DMin – exciting!

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