Spirituality and Parenthood: Practicing Families


There’s an amazing new resource for families called Practicing Families – for those looking for a place to share what is raw, beautiful, and challenging about living out their family lives.

The website describes the space:

  • Real Faith–This isn’t about saying or believing the “right” things. It’s about doing the best we can to honor God and follow Jesus every day.
  • Real Life–But, of course, we screw up a lot. We are not perfect parents or perfect Christians. And we won’t pretend to be.
  • Real Grace–We celebrate together the good news that God loves us anyway. In the midst of our imperfect parenting, our imperfect families, God meets us and sustains us.

Here’s what you’ll find on the blog:

  • Every Monday: Family Liturgies–Prayers and practices for you to use with your family (or not)

  • Every Wednesday: Practicing with Children–Stories of how we experience God in the midst of family life

  • Every Wednesday: Practicing Parents–Spiritual insight gleaned from parenting, and about parenting

There’s a wonderful line up of writers, and I’m sure there will be guest posts as well since these folks have numerous connections. All I know is that I will jump on this bandwagon, and hopefully contribute in the future. God knows I need as much community as possible when it comes to living out my faith in the context of my family life.


The heart and brains behind this endeavor is Joanna Harader – a Mennonite pastor, writer, wife, and mother. She blogs regularly at Spacious Faith

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