Ozzie’s First Year: Another Artist

I haven’t posted the video yet – but Ozzie picked the paintbrush.


Plan B if that doesn’t pan out is…

Sigh. There goes our retirement.

Seriously though I will take either one. As long as he’s happy. And kind. Good. Compassionate. Following his life’s passions. Fulfilled.


What. A. Year.

I didn’t even think he was totally real until I heard his first sweet cries. The doctor held him up high above the blue tarp that filled my vision for the duration of the quick c-section. He looked huge for some reason. Much bigger than the twins. Even then I was still expecting a she and not a he (Beatrice Maxine Ji-Sun) but I wouldn’t trade him for anything in this world. Funny, how that happens with these littles. Tiny bodies but huge, deep souls that swallow us up so quickly. I can’t imagine being who I am in this moment without him.

Oswald. Our little … Test of faith. Ended up being a gift of faith.