When to Just Go with It or a Casual (First) Communion


We were singing the second verse of the hymn in preparation for communion. My mind wandered as I thought about the rest of the day – laundry, dinner, camping later in the week when I felt something push against my leg. I glanced down. It was Desmond – an expectant grin, one full of mischief […]

Deeper Story: Tables of Confrontation


At the seminary, in the cafeteria, there were round tables. Right in the middle. Around the perimeter there were rectangular tables up against the windows. There was a table for the Latin@s, a whole section for the African Americans, and a couple for the Asian American students, and even one for the international students. It was the […]

Confronting Gender: The Possibilities of the Liveable Life


Judith Butler’s Undoing Gender continues the debates on gender and sexuality by further questioning what “it might mean to undo restrictively normative conceptions of sexual and gendered life.” What compels me is the way justice is an integral part of her investigation as she is “guided by the question of what maximizes the possibilities for a […]


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