Don’t Call Me An Ally: Getting to Work


I didn’t come into an awareness of my racialized self until late college, and didn’t really engage the issues around it until seminary, and even then wrestled with whether there was a third way beyond the black-white paradigm of racism because it felt like there wasn’t space for me. For my parents. For my siblings […]

Do Justice: Reclaiming Mission Trips


I have lately had my doubts about church mission trips. But it’s been a while. Like 4 years and 3 months, to be exact – which is how old the twins are at the moment – finally after this long stint away I went to West Virginia with the lovely good folks from First Presbyterian […]

Work Trips and a Camera: Seeing the Other And #SayHerName 


  “I cast an objective gaze over myself, discovered my blackness, my ethnic features; deafened by cannibalism, backwardness, fetishism, racial stigmas, slave traders, […] Disoriented, incapable of confronting the Other, the white man, who had no scruples about imprisoning me, I transported myself on that particular day far, very far, from my self, and gave […]


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