Deeper Story: Theology, Gynecology, and a Baptism

DS Kids by Water 1

It’s the fourth Sunday of Advent. My mind is spinning. Is Christmas really this week? As in, 4 days from now. As in, somehow a whole month has flown by. As in, this year is almost over. Howhowhowhowhowhowhowhowhowhowhowhowhowhow is this possible…? Ok. Breathe. I need to come to terms with this reality. And, it’s fine. It’s really fine. Seriously. We […]

Tell of Peace: Advent and Imagination


It can’t be Advent already. Thanksgiving coming so late this year has really screwed me up. Expectations and visions and to-do lists are clamoring for my ever-dwindling attention. The last thing I feel is any semblance of peace, much less a mindset that is ready to turn to this familiar season of waiting and watching […]

Prayer: Limping Around the Altar


Limping around the altar. The words from 1st Kings this Sunday morning about the prophets of Baal trying to quicken fire from heaven onto their offerings with shouts, cries, and blood. But, of course, in vain. After hours of circling their offerings pleading with this mysterious slumbering god to answer them they begin to get […]


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