#BeyondSundayMorning: Being Born-Again and Birth Matters


Sanctuary was hot this morning. I’m looking around again at the signs of a dilapidated building – chairs and desks stacked haphazardly in the balconies, and the roof above the chancel is peeling and cracked on one side. I’m next to one of the surprisingly traditional emblems of church – a stained glass window – […]

#BeyondSundayMorning: Reflecting on Sunday Sermons

Beyond Sunday Morning Pic

Sunday mornings happen so fast. I spend a lot of time during worship – much to Andy’s chagrin – tweeting everything. Pictures of the college kids or prayers from the bulletin and a response or two to the sermon. But, I rarely take time on Monday to think and reflect on what fed me from […]

Deeper Story: Theology, Gynecology, and a Baptism

DS Kids by Water 1

It’s the fourth Sunday of Advent. My mind is spinning. Is Christmas really this week? As in, 4 days from now. As in, somehow a whole month has flown by. As in, this year is almost over. Howhowhowhowhowhowhowhowhowhowhowhowhowhow is this possible…? Ok. Breathe. I need to come to terms with this reality. And, it’s fine. It’s really fine. Seriously. We […]


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