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To give you a starting point I’ve listed some of my favorite blog posts hitting on a number of different topics:


When Spiking Your Best Friend’s Drink is Okay
Yellow Fever and Letting Go of Shame
Not an Ally: Getting to Work


On Sleeping Early and Laundry in the Middle of the Night
On Passing, Queerness, and Raising Kids
Mother Letters: Rainbows and Lollilops

On “Fat” and Loving Our Daughters: It Begins With Me
Baby Meal Times: An Unholy Communion

Forgetfulness: A Vehicle for Presence

Coffee and Chaos: The Breakfast of Champions


Vocation and How Did I Get Here?
Minister’s Vestments: It’s Been Awhile

Becoming a Church-Goer: From Pastor to Parent

The Burden of Too-Much: Letting Go of Having It All


Resurrection as Shared Life
Easter Sunday: Always Beginning
#WhyChurch: Casseroles and Communion
Dance with Dirt and #WhyChurch

Eyes Wide Open: Prayer and Contemplation


Easter: The Story Isn’t Over

Pentecost Sunday: A Contagious Presence

The Great Equalizer – Our Bellies

Epiphany Sunday: Follow Your Light

Epiphany Sunday: Come and Follow


Towards Weakness

USA Today #InHerWords