Streams Run Uphill

streams“Where streams run uphill, there a woman rules.” -Ethiopian proverb

In the candid book Streams Run Uphill: Conversations with Young Clergywomen of Color, we bring together diverse narratives to encourage, educate, and equip clergywomen wrestling with identity, authority, and the uphill struggle against racism, sexism, ageism, and other ministry challenges. See more here.

…I found myself desperate to uncover the meaningful and therefore pertinent experiences of the rare but growing number of other clergywomen. We are the Other in that we are non-Anglo. We are seen as exotic, foreign, and mysterious. Some of us have accents. Some look and sound “American.” Some look incredibly young. Some are bilingual. Some are quiet. Some are vociferous. Some are in-credible preachers. Some have a healing pastoral presence. Some are mothers. Some are single. Some are gay. Some are recent im-migrants. Some are second or third generation. Some of us serve in Asian American, African American, and Spanish-speaking congregations, or in congregations that look nothing like them.

I hungered for the life-giving words that came from our unique calling and the acknowledgment of the distinct challenges we faced from the moment we decided to say, “Lord, here I am. Send me.” – Mihee

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