These are the series I’ve hosted here in the past with wonderful contributions from writers, poets, teachers, pastors, lawyers, and more.


The Meaning of ChildrenThe Meaning of Children is a blog series by a wide range of writers who are parents in various stages of life sharing reflections on the theological meaning of children. Stories about what having children means to us. Stories about what being a parent means to us. Stories about how having children has changed us – for the better and/or worse.

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#Yoked: Stories of Clergy Couples is a series written by clergy couples (at least 1/2 of the couples) about the ins and outs of managing two churches, two families, two ministries, two callings.



Justice: Spiritual Practices of Activism … I’ve lately hungered to connect faith and activism more, or actually, to see that connection that’s already there. To make sense of the ways we work for both justice and love. And, that’s why this is called “spiritual practices” because they are things we do to be intentional about the activism work we do in the world – everything from resistance to advocacy to campaigning to fundraising to tweeting – and what we do sustain and cultivate our faith. A series from June 2014.

Motherhood Mantras: Stories of SurvivalDuring the months of April and May I will be posting stories from a wide variety of mothers who share the words that anchored them in the midst of all the chaos and loving insanity that comes from the trenches of parenthood. It will hopefully be a reminder that both words and community can make all the difference between surviving and thriving, and even, life and death.


The Cure of Souls: A Spirituality of Care and Compassion…I’m really excited to have Kate Wiebe provide an ongoing series on her experiences in counseling – in so many different situations, but particularly in trauma – and her reflections, which are so applicable to every day life. Her academic and ministerial background in counseling is extensive, but she makes it accessible and real to the layperson. Look for her posts twice a month!

Merely Beloved: Unfolding the Spiritual LifeSomething I’ve been longing to do for a while is to glean the methods that people employ to cultivate their spiritual life. I had done a remix of spiritual disciplines based on Richard Foster’s work, but feel I need to constantly revisit this piece of my life. “Merely” comes from this quote: “The spiritual life is first of all a life. It is not merely something to be known and studied, it is to be lived.” -Thomas Merton, Thoughts in Solitude and “Beloved” from Henri Nouwen’s creative use of this as the basis of not only our faith and spirituality but our very identity in God. We’ll hear from numerous writers from all walks of life and faith.

College Ministry: Conversations and ContextI’m serving as part-time staff of a renewed initiative to reach out to college students so of course, I can’t help but process and engage ways to do it here in Bloomington. But I need help. So this series will engage those who are and have been ministering to college students – their methods, philosophies, mission statements, etc. as well as dialogue about the question, “What is one way we are called to minister to college students in such a fluid, ever-changing context?”

Race Revelations: Matters of Racial Identity and CommunityFrom Desmond Tutu: to say, “My humanity is caught up, is inextricably bound up, in yours.” It took me a long time to realize my liberation and freedom are bound up in all. What this means is that I can’t be silent about racial injustices, especially not now when my babies are in this world, too. But, it also means that I can encourage and make a place for others to realize who they are is wrapped up in so many systemic layers. Privilege. Disadvantaged. Upper-class. Oppression. This will be a series that offers raw stories of those who’ve discovered who they are in relation to the Other.

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