Making Paper Cranes - Cover_Page_01SRU Book Cover9781566997270_FCWriting in this life is a big part of my lurching forward on this road. I stumble to make sense of the world.

These three books are my attempts at writing to live it out. The first book, Making Paper Cranes, came out of my time in seminary when I was exploring identity politics, feminism, and theology. The second book, Streams Run Uphill, came out of a desire to share what feminist theology looks like on the ground. I needed something that was rooted in the stories of other women struggling in the same endeavor.

The third book, Yoked was written with my husband, Andy Kort, on trying to integrate vocation and family.

I love these like they are my children – they are a strange part of me, and yet they have their own lives, genuine in all the mistakes and wrong turns, missteps in words, and epiphanies. Thank you for being here.

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