How to Self Publish a Book

As a first-time author, the self-publishing process can seem highly intimidating. However, self-publishing your book with Reedsy’s help is easier than you may think. There are plenty of options available that will help you get your book to print and in stores both online and in person. To get you started we have put together a short guide that will help you get your book published in no time.

Write & Edit Your Book

The first step in publishing your manuscript is actually getting it written. Of course, you probably have that covered if you are here looking for self-publishing tips. Before you run to the presses, it is very important that you check your book for errors and have it professionally edited. As voracious as readers’ appetites may be, a book that is full of errors and plot holes will send them running in the opposite direction. You can hire a professional editor here on Reedsy or you can check out other online options that fit your budget.

Create a Stunning Book Cover

The first thing people see when they look for a book is the cover. As a result, it is important to make a good impression by creating or commissioning a stunning book cover that will draw the reader’s eye. Often, the cover alone will have the power to convert hesitant readers to eager purchasers of an eBook but looking at the artwork. You can find a great illustrator online here at Reedsy, or you can look up any of the thousands of talented artists on other creator websites. Make sure that the illustrator that you choose has experience creating art for your particular niche because the right art makes all the difference.

Consider Your Distribution Channel

Self-publishing an ebook gives you the freedom to choose where you want your readers to find your manuscript. When you use Reedsy, you have the option of keeping it on this platform or syndicating your book to other platforms. Some retailers like their authors to be exclusive, while others are ambivalent about how many different platforms you target for self-publishing.

Prepare Your Metadata

Before heading over to the self-publishing panel, it is a good idea to have all of your information in one place. This will consist of your genre and niche category information, the tile of your book, it’s cover art, thumbnail, author credits, and book descriptions. You may also need to gather some keywords and age range information depending on the specifics of your book.

Set Up A Budget

Self-publishing through Reedsy is much more affordable than other platforms, however, there is a fee for the service. Set a clear amount in your mind about how much plan to spend self-publishing on Reedsy and other platforms combined. Some places will charge per title, while others will stick with a percentage of your sales. Find a price point and billing method that works for you as a self-published author and one that will still be acceptable to you if your book title gains massive popularity.

Formatting, Uploading & Pricing

Once your book is just about ready to publish, it will need to be formatted into an EPUB. This is how ebook publishers accept most files which ensure they have a uniform look across all consumer platforms. You can do this with the Reedsy Book Editor for free or can use a third-party paid service if you need more complex formatting. All you need to do now is upload the completed file to Reedsy and any other eBook platform you plan to use. Lastly, set your desired pricing and hit publish!