“Walk as if you are kissing the Earth with your feet.” ~Thich Nhat Hanh


Deeper Story: Memory, One Last Cracker, and the Daily Examen

Become aware of God’s presence. We meet almost weekly over some seriously legit bagels – which I feel wouldn’t normally exist outside of New Jersey and New York – but I think these people who own the bagelry are actually from the Northeast. This means the bagels are perfectly soft on the inside, and when […]


#Lent: Be Near

Christ be near at either hand, Christ behind, before me stand, Christ with me where e’er I go, Christ around, above, below. II “It’s too dark.” For a while I stopped fighting that battle with the twins – how much light to keep on in their room. After saying “good night” I walked quickly out […]

radio mic

Deeper Story: Erasing Voices, Erasing Bodies

It’s the last post over at Deeper Story. I dreaded preaching. In seminary we had to take PR201 and PR202 and then eventually some kind of elective on homiletics. The professor I had for the intro level classes was a white, ol’ school, 1950’s type preacher with a Billy-Grahamesque radio voice. He was so critical […]


#Lent: Cover Me

Daniel 9 …We are covered with shame. Baths for them every night seem a little ambitious, and maybe even obsessive and extraneous. But, they’re covered in all manner of dirt and grime – remnants of markers, glue, sand, glitter, peanut butter and jelly, paint. Anything that will leave a mark. I turn on the water, and the […]


#Lent: With A Puff

Ecclesiastes 12 Remember your Creator… I’m trying to wrap my mind around creation. I look at my babies for insight not babies anymore making worlds with their words their words with a logos-like ferocity and will saying for Thomas the Train “puff puff puff” and my mind turns to temporality and fragility water sliding off […]


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