"Let's be clear:
Great falls change people…”
-Salman Rushdie


One thing Andy likes to say when we're on a walk, and I happen to trip, which is often: "Don't worry folks, it's her first day walking." Truer, more profound words could not be said about me. My story. My life.

Why write?

To keep - albeit clumsily - placing one foot in front of the other. To keep embracing what is new and feels like I'm starting over or learning something again and again. To keep seeing the grace in falling and being picked up. Mostly, I write for the sake of day-to-day survival. To remind myself to keep my head down and press forward. To remind myself to look up periodically and take in the sights. To remind myself to take it one stumble at a time. To live out the reality in my life that the best conversations and revelations happen when we're walking together.


Here at FDW there's a wide range of conversations with an even wider group of practitioners, sojourners, teachers, pastors, and writers. We talk parenting, racial justice, gender justice and feminism, church ministry especially to young people, and vocation.

Ordinary Effects and #WholeMama

The crowded Starbucks. We’re crammed together at a table of refurbished wood dark but glistening with the reflection of a hot summer morning sun. He took the lid off his coffee cup and I keep staring at the steam that swirls up in front of a backdrop of windows facing out to an impeccable suburbia. A dense […]


Dreaming Dreams and Performing Hope

They come running at us clapping and shout-singing like my 4 year olds but enunciating a lot more clearly: G-O-O-D M-O-R-N-I-N-G GOOD MORNING (WOOT WOOT) GOOD MORNING (WOOT WOOT) and lead us into a bright space with flying leaps and cartwheels. Stained glass windows line one side of the wall near the ceiling and there […]

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It’s Crowded: Locking Myself In My Room

These days – these summer days are crowded. The children are at home ALL THE TIME. They are busy. Busy with their markers, busy with their chasing and pretending, busy with their persistent demands and orders for help-me-get-the-lid-off-the-yellow and I-want-apple-juice and I’m-hungry and Mommy-Ozzie-hit-me or Mommy-Ozzie-yelled-at-me. The laptop is on or the phone is open to […]

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On Passing, Queerness and Raising These Kids

They came downstairs growling and hissing, gliding on all fours. Desmond’s arm bent out a little and he stumbled forward tripping down the rest of the stairs on his face. “WAHHHHHHHH, MOMMMMMMYY I FELL DOWN AND HIT MY FACE!” he cried. This morning they decided they would be jaguars since “jaguars have spots” (do they […]


Anna, I See You

My eyes are squeezed shut in the mornings when I hear her pad softly into my room. She’s always the first one awake. Always. Like clockwork, just before 7 am, her bladder awakens her, and after she is done with her business, she climbs quietly into my bed and puts her face right next to mine. I […]


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